The PB Difference

I am honored you are here on my website. I am only assuming that if you are reading this that you are trying to find some answers. You are likely fearful of the process and of the uncertainty that lies ahead. I am here to help.

Many things have changed since I began training in dentistry about twenty years ago. One of the biggest changes is me. I have learned the traditional methodology as most periodontists have. This aspect of my training has served my patients well and I continue to try and learn new ways to make the patient experience less traumatic, as well as, using less aggressive means to accomplish our goals.

In my personal life, I (and loved ones) have encountered some health issues along the way that sent me on a wild goose chase to find the right person to help cure me (us). What I found was very disheartening as many of these health professionals that I sought counsel from didn’t know how to help. This led me on the path that I have been on for several years now.

Through these experiences, I have found a renewed strength to learn and realize that the training that I had, while exceptional, had a large piece of the puzzle missing. I began to see things in a different way. This new vision led to researching and formulating different opinions on traditionally adopted methods and consumer products. I soon came to see that, “you don’t know what you don’t know until you know it”. Subjects I had dismissed in the past finally showed relevance and every day that I practice, these subjects become more and more important.

These subjects include nutrition, work/life balance, mental health, managing stress and decreasing toxicities, including many commercially bought products. While I am a surgeon and can accomplish beautiful results, I cannot do it alone. Healing is a lot more than just what I can do with my hands and instruments.

I understand the feeling of not being healthy. I understand the feeling of adding another “thing to do” in an already stressful life. I hope to be able to listen to what you need and to help you through the process, whether it be a quicker procedure where you won’t have to see me for a long period of time, to the lengthier processes with multiple steps where you feel like you will never see the end of me.

What I can give you is my commitment and my honesty to help educate you so you can take charge of your oral health, at whatever pace you feel comfortable.  If you want to delve into subtle ways to improve your oral health, which in turn will help your systemic health, I am willing and able. This is your health, your body and I want you to take an active part in that process. What goes on in our mouth plays a huge role in our systemic health and how we live today will determine how we live tomorrow.

I believe in “progress, not perfection”. It is an exciting time and I have found a renewed commitment to learning all aspects of health. This is why I practice "Functional Periodontics" and am looking forward to even better healing than we can achieve already. Please tell me how I can help. I look forward to our collaboration.