Periodontal Plastic Surgery

I have noticed that there are several patented surgical techniques for root coverage that include "no suturing or tissue removal". Why would you choose another modality?

I applaud these techniques for creating more "tools in the toolkit" and giving patients other options with less trauma. Here's the thing. There is no one technique that works best in every situation. It is my job as your Periodontist to recommend the best option for you. I have heard many professionals bash using the palate, but with the minimally invasive techniques and methodologies that I use, the patients are not in as much discomfort as you think. With almost 20 years of experience in Periodontal Plastic Surgery, I am in a unique position to provide the best treatment options for your situation. Remember, I am a surgeon, first and foremost and my goals are always to get wonderful results with very minimal discomfort.

Do soft tissue grafts hurt?

This is a common question and fear that people have when they come in. Unfortunately, many people have looked it up online or talked to their coworker or family member. I never recommend this before surgical appointments and this is why. Everyone is different. Everyone has different diets, responses to pain, mental state, and oral condition. What one person perceives as painful, another person could perceive as slight discomfort. The bottom line here is that is extremely rare that patients need anything more than Tylenol and Advil after procedures. Yes, you heard that right!

What are things that I can do to minimize my discomfort after these procedures?

The standard ways to decrease discomfort include using the ice packs we provide consistently over the first few days and then switching to moist heat after 48 hours. Much of the discomfort is associated with the inflammatory response/swelling and it is a short period. Using your Tylenol/Advil and on a schedule if needed is recommended. Some people can handle some discomfort and others want to feel nothing. Remember that using Tylenol and Advil short term should have minimal side effects, there ARE side effects to taking these medications. Therefore, I recommend using them sparingly. Eating softer foods and taking care of yourself all help in the healing process.

Eating a healthy diet free of processed foods, flours and sugars goes a long way in helping your body heal. You can also take high doses of Vitamin C (upwards of 10 grams, yes, that is not a typo) prior to the procedure and this greatly helps with postoperative pain. Another helpful treat is Arnica homeopathic pellets which are routinely also used in plastic surgery patients. They are safe and effective at helping to decrease swelling and bruising (and for some pain). Have this ready before your appointment!