Non-Invasive Autogenous Bone Grafting

What are the advantages of using your own bone?

Some people want the choice to use their own tissue, however, taking bone from parts of the jaw or chin is time consuming and extremely painful. Extracted teeth are considered medical waste, yet they possess qualities that make them ideal for bone grafting procedures. We are now using a system that uses your own tooth for particulate bone grafting. This has the benefit of coming from your own body. The chemical composition of tooth dentin is similar to bone and it can be argued to be the gold standard for preserving the tooth socket. Tooth structure, minus cavities, debris or restorations can be placed into a special patient specific grinder and treated. This bacteria-free particulate dentin material is ready for immediate grafting into extraction sites, bone defect sites and bone augmentation in sinuses.

How long is this process?

The process takes 15-20 minutes of extra time, therefore, there may be an extra charge.

Can I use any tooth?

We cannot use teeth with root canal fillings since there is foreign material contamination. But we can use teeth that have crowns and fillings, since these can be removed.

Besides the tooth coming from my own body, what are the advantages?

After an extraction and socket preservation, the normal healing period prior to placing an implant is 3-4 months. With your own dentin, there is a shorter healing time of 2 months in many cases.

How do you control for cross-contamination with another person's tooth/teeth?

Every patient has their own kit. You may choose to take it home and save it for another day if you like, however, most use it just one time.