Surgical Appointments

1) Do I need to have someone drive me to my appointments?

No, you don’t, unless you are being sedated orally or by IV. Our goal is to make treatment as accessible as possible. There isn’t a procedure done in Dr. Berube’s office that absolutely requires sedation. We enjoy being able to talk to you during your appointments and be able to discuss any change in treatment that might occur during the procedure.

2) Will it hurt?

Our goal is to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for you, which includes administering local anesthesia. While no one enjoys this part of the procedure, it is done at the beginning and is performed gently and quickly. Most people’s apprehension goes away once this portion of treatment has been completed. During the remainder of the procedure, Dr. Berube is always asking to make sure that you are not experiencing any discomfort. Please tell us what we can do to make the procedure more comfortable for you.

3) What can I expect after my surgical appointments?

We will go through the postoperative instructions verbally and give you a written copy. At that time, we will give you prescriptions for medications as needed, and most likely will give you some over the counter pain medication to take before leaving the office. Our goal is to have some pain medication onboard before the local anesthetic wears off. This is the key to proper pain management.

4) What is the recovery?

Most people state that the recovery was easier than they expected, but the key is to stay ahead of the discomfort. Many patients state that they didn’t need the narcotic given, however, Dr. Berube usually gives you a prescription just in case you do need it. Every patient’s pain tolerance is different and only you know how you handle pain. If you have realistic expectations, expect some discomfort, follow the postoperative instructions, and take the medications as prescribed, there is no reason why you should have a difficult and long recovery.

5) What kind of follow-up can I expect?

Dr. Berube usually sees you about one to two weeks postop. At that time, she will assess if and when she needs to see you again. This is highly dependent on the procedure performed and the amount of healing that has already taken place. These appointments are usually very short.