Periodontal Plastic Surgery

This aspect of treatment is indicated if you feel that:

  • your smile is too "gummy" or uneven
  • your teeth are too short or too long
  • you have an unnatural indentation due to a tooth being lost, or
  • if one or more of your teeth are missing.

Examples of procedures that may help include:

Crown lengthening:

This procedure removes excess gum tissue to expose more of the "crown" of the tooth. Your gumline is then sculpted to give your new smile just the right look. This procedure can not only be performed for functional reasons, but is great when you have short teeth or a gummy smile.

Soft tissue grafts:

These procedures cover exposed roots to improve esthetics, reduce further gum recession, reduce sensitivity, and protect roots from decay. Soft tissue grafts are also indicated to enhance the results from cosmetic and implant therapy and to help restore any lost tissue that increase the risks of tooth loss.

Ridge Augmentation:

These procedures include filling in a defect caused by an indentation in your gums and jawbone where the tooth used to be. This will help recapture the natural contour of your gums and jaw.


This procedure relieves aberrant muscle pulls that may contribute to recession, loss of tissue or orthodontic relapse.

Dental Implants:

This procedure will replace teeth to feel and look just like your own.

Benefits of Periodontal Plastic Surgery include the following:

  • excellent cosmetic blending of tissue colors and contours
  • appropriate tooth length for a fuller, brighter smile
  • symmetrical gumline
  • regeneration of lost or deficient tissue
  • protection of exposed root structure from sensitivity, erosion, and decay
  • correction of anatomical defects and excess pigmentation
  • enhanced orthodontic treatment results

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