Sinus Lift/Augmentation

There are two types of sinus lifts.

1) Caldwell-Luc lift (the larger sinus lift). In situations where there is little bone volume, we will need to grow enough bone to place a dental implant. This technique is very delicate. We use the PIezosurgical instruments to aid in our window preparation, as these instruments will not perforate the soft tissue (we are able to use PRF to help heal if there are any perforations). Healing time is anywhere from 9-12 months, depending on the severity of the bone loss. Patients are surprised to feel very little to no pain with this procedure. There are postoperative instructions that we will discuss pertaining to this procedure.

2) Osteotome lift (the mini sinus lift). When the bone is deficient but still present in a sufficient amount, we can use this method. Traditional techniques for this method include using a mallet (yes you heard that right). While this method is absolutely acceptable and I did it for years, remember my goal is to create minimal trauma. We use a different technique called the "Sinus Crestal Approach" which is user friendly, causes less discomfort for the patient and is extremely effective in decreasing sinus membrane damage. We are proud to be one of the only surgeons in the region offering this technique.