Laser-Assisted Procedures

In addition to traditional surgical therapies, we are able to use our multiple lasers for procedures such as:

  • Laser periodontal therapy-for the treatment of gum disease (in combination with or instead of traditional flap surgery)
  • Laser frenectomies (which may or may not require local anesthetic)
  • Laser lesion removal for biopsies
  • Pain control for canker sores, herpes sores, traumatic ulcers
  • Incision and drainage and removal of infected tissue
  • Crown lengthenings
  • Soft tissue removal during esthetic procedures
  • Removing excess tissue due to medications, braces, congential conditions

Because the laser has inherent clotting abilities, we are able to provide more services for medically compromised individuals without fear of changing or stopping their coumadin/warfarin, plavix or aspirin dosages. This means that we have less fear of bleeding when using those medications.

LightWalker Laser-Assisted ProceduresThe LightWalker is an amazing True Dual Wavelength, ALL tissue laser for treating periodontal disease and for soft tissue & hard tissue surgical procedures such as osseous crown lengthening and treating peri-implantitis. It cuts hard tissue much faster and with much less need for anesthesia and post op pain medicine than competing systems or traditional surgical procedures. Many offices routinely only use the Nd:YAG for treatment, however, we use both Nd:YAG and Er:YAG to achieve the most comprehensive results.

The Lightwalker is the ONLY multi-wavelength ALL tissue laser with both a Free Running Pulse Nd:YAG (1064nm), the preferred and proven laser wavelength for periodontal treatments, and Er:YAG (2940nm), the World Class hard tissue & soft tissue laser.

Its advanced technology, Photo Activated Systems Technology, or PHAST™, is the scientific foundation for the Lightwalker laser and the basis for a wide range of advanced clinical laser procedures.

The advantages of a laser include:

  • less bacterial load
  • less swelling
  • less pain
  • less scarring
  • less cold sensitivity
  • less time
  • improved healing response
  • improved access
  • improved visualization
  • improved coagulation