Oral Pathology

Statistics show that most people see a dental professional more often than a medical professional. Because there are several medical conditions that first manifest themselves in the mouth, your dental professional is in an excellent position to be able to catch something early. There are also a number of benign and malignant lesions that are seen in the mouth. In this area, we will perform small hard and soft tissue biopsies to diagnose any irregularities seen in the oral cavity. We work closely with the pathology department in San Antonio to render the correct diagnosis http://pathology.uthscsa.edu/. If the lesions are larger, more complicated, or require more treatment, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist or physician for definitive care.

Once a diagnosis has been made, we will help develop protocols for your specific condition. Conditions can range from benign lesions that once removed will not recur, to malignant conditions, to immune conditions. For these immune conditions, I have taken a particular interest in finding the root cause instead of merely masking the symptoms with pharmaceuticals. Some of these conditions begin very innocently with no pain or symptoms and can lead to very painful lesions in the mouth, which can be very debilitating. When a patient is ready to explore THEIR specific cause, we will discuss your options and work through them with you. We have had some great successes and more and more patients every day want real answers. I am ready to help.