Cone Beam CT (3D/CBCT) Scanning

What is a CBCT scanner?

A CBCT scanner generates a three dimensional (3D) image of the jaw, dentition (teeth/implants), nasal cavity, sinuses, nerve paths, and soft tissues and bone in the cranial region. It is not the same as the conventional CT scanner used by most medical professionals, as it is a much smaller and less expensive machine that produces similar images with less radiation. It is not as comprehensive, but we are able to see other head and neck structures.

We use the CBCT scan images for many different purposes. The amount of information provided is invaluable in planning implant cases, for assessing possible causes of pain, and for evaluating silent infections that may not be readily visible on a regular 2D dental image taken in the office.

We routinely send your images to a Board Certified Radiologist, as they are trained to assess structures visible in the field that we have not been trained to diagnose. This is an important part of your scan and we have found many incidental findings through these reports such as calcifications in the carotid artery, which can contribute to heart disease.