Computer Guided Surgical Placement

What is Computer Guided Surgical Placement?

For implant planning, we offer the distinct advantage of using the 3D computer guided protocol for your implant placement. This increases the safety and predictability of your dental implants, while allowing for the best position based on the location of the bone, as well, as your anticipated restorations. There is more planning associated with this protocol. Guided implant placement is not necessary in all situations and we can discuss whether you have the option to decline. We have been placing implants without guides for 20 years and very comfortable without it. Some examples of situations where a guide would be recommended include:

  1. Several implants in a row
  3.  Implants in the esthetic zone, especially where the bone volume is limited
  5.  Fully or partially edentulous cases (where there are no teeth or some teeth remaining)
  7. Immediate implants (placing the implant at the time of extraction)-depends on the case
  9. Proximity to vital structures
  11. Implant position must be exact, such as with some ceramic implants and position of the planned restorations
  13. Patient desire
  15. Changes in anatomy due to grafting, pathology, etc.
  17. Medical problems
  18. Volume of bone is deficient and grafting is declined or not predictable